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Smoked shrimps wine pairing

Smoked shrimps pairs best with a fresh white wine with high acidity and a hint of sweetness. The smokey flavours make many white wines taste bitter, but with a little bit of sweetness the flavours will be balance.

Best pairing: Riesling Dry

Riesling is mostly famous for its semi-sweet style, but can be made in various styles including the increasingly popular dry style. Dry Riesling is mostly produced in Germany where the style is named Trocken, but also France, the US and Australia. Dry Riesling is characterized by a refreshing acidity and flavours of apple and lime flavours.

Light-bodied dry white wine bottle





7-10°C | 45-48°F

Notes of Citrus, Green apple and Peach

Where Riesling Dry is produced

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