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Chèvre chaud wine pairing

Chèvre chaud is best paired with fresh and herbaceous white wine. This classic French starter consists of hot goat cheese, pines and some greens. A rich white wine aged in oaked is also a good choice to match the nutty flavours in the dish.

Best pairing: Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc is a popular light and herbaceous white wine with a fresh acidity. It originates from Bordeaux in France, but is grown almost everywhere in the world. American and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc expresses more tropical notes, while French Sauvignon Blanc has a more citrus-y profile.

Light-bodied dry white wine bottle





7-10°C | 45-48°F

Notes of Grass, Grapefruit and Passion fruit

Where Sauvignon Blanc is produced

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