The best Serving Temperatures for Wine

Wine bottles on ice illustrating that the right red wine temperature, and other styles', is important

Updated July 19th 2023

What is the perfect red wine temperature? It depends! The serving temperature varies depending on the style of the wine. In this guide you will not only find the best temperature for serving and storing red wine, but also white, sparkling and rosé wine.

Temperature is crucial when serving and storing wine. It impacts the taste of the wine as it will taste differently depending on its temperature. If the wine is too cold you will not be able to taste the more delicate aromas. If it is too hot, the wine loses its freshness and structure. Most people are interested in knowing the perfect red wine temperature, but it is as important to know the correct serving temperature for white, sparkling and rosé. Keep reading to find out which are the best serving temperatures for different wine styles.

Serving temperature for wine

Red wine temperature

Red wines are the most popular type of wine and many of us want to know how to drink red wine properly. Often red wine is served too warm. In general, the red wine serving temperature should be slightly cooler than room temperature, but the specific temperature differs depending on the style of the wine. See below the perfect red wine serving temperatures: 

When it comes to red wine temperature storage, average room temperature is too hot. 12-14 °C (55 °F) is usually considered the best temperature for storing any type of wine. It is important that the wine is placed in a cool room without too much light. To learn more cellaring wine, you can read our guide on how to store wine.

White wine temperature

The perfect white wine serving temperature ranges from very cool to warmer-than-fridge temperature. White wine is often served too cold, which in some cases makes it lose some of its flavours. Once the wine warms up in the glass, these flavour will reveal themselves. The ideal temperature for serving white wine differs depending on the style of the wine. 

For wines that require 9-13°C (48-55°F), just remove the wine from the fridge a little bit before serving. The best temperature for storing white wine is 12-14°C (53-57°F), the same as for red wines.

Sparkling wine temperature

Sparkling wines are always best when they are cold. Put it the the fridge or even a little bit in the freezer before serving it. The cold temperature will make it taste fresh and spritzy.

Rosé wine temperature

Rosé wine should be served at 7-10°C (45-48°F) which is equivalent to fridge temperature. The cool temperature will make it taste fresh, fruity and zippy. Perfect for a summer day!

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