Best Wine with Salmon

Wine paring with fish is not always as easy as it looks. Most people are taught that you should always drink white wine with fish and red wine with meat. In most cases, that is the best wine pairing. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. The best salmon wine pairings include both red and white wines!

Grilled salmon with vegetables showing the way salmon is cooked influences the best wine with salmon

Last updated April 20th 2020

The best wine with salmon depends on how the fish is cooked, the side dishes added, and your personal preferences. Most people think that fish should always be paired with white wine and meat should be paired with red wine. Most of the times, this is the best option. The reason is because most fish dishes are light, and a tannic red wine will overwhelm the flavors of a light dish. However, many people wonder if it is possible to drink red wine with fish. The answer is yes - you just need to pick the right red wine. In this guide you will learn which are the best white and red wines with Salmon.

Best White wine with Salmon

For most fish dishes, we would recommend a white wine. There are many white wines that pair perfectly with salmon. Keep in mind that salmon is a fatty fish that requires a wine with high acidity. The side dishes and cooking method will decide which is the perfect wine with salmon. 

Best Red wine with Salmon 

Can you really drink red wine with fish? The answer is yes, you just need to pick the right red wine. Fish is lighter than meat because it contains less fat and has a lighter texture. Therefore, you need to find a light wine to balance it with. Due to the tannins in red wine, it is usually not a good pairing with fish. Luckily there are some low tannic red wines that could be a good match with your salmon.