Chablis food pairing

Chablis is a crisp, mineral white wine which pairs wonderfully with many different dishes. I this wine guides you will find the best food pairings for Chablis and learn more about this French Chardonnay style. 

snails in garlic butter with herbs

Published July 20th 2021

What kind of food goes with Chablis? Many! Chablis is an excellent food wine. This fresh white wine from Burgundy in France pairs well with seafood and fish as well as local delicacies like snails and cheese. All Chablis is made 100% from Chardonnay grapes, but there are different styles of this famous wine style. This wine guide will help you to better understand how to pair Chablis with food. 

About Chablis wine 

Is Chablis the same as Chardonnay? Yes it is! However, it is a specific style of Chardonnay grown in the Chablis district in France. Chablis is the northernmost district of Burgundy. The climate here is cool which gives dry, white wines with high acidity. The Chablis wines are often described as having a mineral, salty note. “Steely” is a common description from Chablis wines. They are not as fruity as Chardonnay wines produced in warm wine regions.

Chablis wine bottle Most Chablis wines are vinified in stainless steel tanks and not matured in oak. The style is characterised by its minerality and richness from the chalky soils. This style has characteristic flavours of citrus, pear, apple and salinity. This steely, unoaked style is affordable and most common Chablis style. In this guide, we refer to this style when we write Chablis

There is also a style called Petit Chablis which is from another part of the Chablis region. The wine is grown at a higher altitude than the typical Chablis wines which give lighter and less complex wines. The Petite Chablis wines are tart, crisp, mineral with citrus flavours. They should be enjoyed young, ideally 1-3 years from its release. 

The Grand Cru and Premier Cru wines of Chablis often mature in oak barrels, but the time in the barrels are usually quite short. This style is more rich and creamy, but still fresh and mineral. 

Chablis food pairing

Chablis is a great food wine and it pairs with a wide range of foods, especially delicate seafood dishes, cheeses and poultry. The key when it comes to Chablis food paring is to keep in mind the following characteristics of the wine: 

Chablis should always be served cold, ideally at 7-10°C (45-48°F). 

Chablis with seafood

If you are looking for a great wine paring for seafood, Chablis or Petit Chablis are excellent choices. These lean and mineral style with tart acidity work well with delicate dishes with salinity and/or lemon.

oysters with lemon Try a bottle of Chablis with: 

Tips! For prepared seafood dishes with butter or cream sauce - choose an oaked Chablis (Grand Cru or Premier Cru). This more rich Chablis style is also the best with lobster.

Chablis with snails

Chablis is from the famous French wine region Burgundy. The region is also famous for its food. One of the local delicacies is snails, or escargots as they are called in french. They are served with garlic and herbs. Chablis is a classic pairing for this iconic dish.

Chablis with sushi

Chablis is a great sushi pairing. When it comes to pairing sushi with wine it is all about balance. This lean wine balances the delicate flavours of the raw fish. The high acidity balances the fat in the fish and the minerality balances the salty soy sauce. It pairs very well with sashimi, but also with sushi.  different types of sashimi

Chablis with fish

Chablis is a classic pairing with different fish dishes, especially fish with lemon since it matchen the citrus aromas in the wine, Chablis with fish is almost always a good choice.

grilled fish with lemon slices

Try Chablis with the the following fish dishes:

Chablis with chicken

Chablis is also a good pairing with pairs poultry. The neutral profile of the wine makes it a good pairing for different poultry dishes, especially chicken.

chicken with herbs lemon and vegetables

Try Chablis with:

Chablis with spicy foods

Chablis works well with spicy food, if it is not too spicy. Chablis is a great pairing with Thai food. The lemon aromas in the wine will match the typical armoas of lemon grass in the Thai cuisine. Chablis also pairs well with mildly spicy Indian food.

Chablis with vegetarian food

With its good acidity, minerality and citrus aromas, Chablis is a safe choice for many vegetarian dishes and ingredients, such as fresh vegetables, salty cheeses and deep-fried foods. Try it with:

Tips! To learn more about wine pairing for vegetarian dishes, we recommend our wine guide for vegetarian food

Chablis cheese pairing

Chablis is a fantastic cheese wine. This crisp, mineral wine pairs with many different types of cheeses. It is especially great with soft and creamy cheeses like Brie, Camembert goat cheese. brie cheese cut served on a wooden board Chablis also pairs well delicate fresh cheeses like Mozzarella, Ricotta, Feta and Halloumi.

Tips! Chablis is a great choice for a cheese platter with different types of cheeses. 

Chablis snack pairing

Chablis is perfect for snacks and appetizers. A fresh, crisp glass of Chablis is good with different types of cheeses, chips and vegetables. The high acidity makes it an excellent wine pairing for deep-fried finger foods.

Chablis dessert pairing

The tart lemon flavours of Chablis makes it a good paring with desserts which are not too sweet. Try it with a lemon pie to match the flavours. Most people would, however, prefer a less dry wine than Chablis to their desserts. lemon dessertEnjoy your Chablis and your food!