Best Wine for Easter Food

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Updated July 18th 2023

The best wine pairings for Easter food depend on what you are eating. Different countries and cultures eat different foods for Easter, but it is common to eat lamb, ham, fatty fish, eggs and chocolate during this holiday. In this wine guide we will help you find the best wine for your Easter dinner!

Whether you are eating lamb, ham, salmon or just chocolate for Easter, a delicious wine is always a good idea. We will help you find great wine pairings for popular Easter dishes. Keep reading to find out which are the best white and red wine pairings for lamb and other popular Easter foods.

The best white wine for Easter food

Different types of fish are eaten during easter, especially salmon and pickled herring. An aromatic white wine with high acidity is a great wine pairing to fish dishes. The acidity in the wine will balance the fat in the fish. A mineral white wine is also good to match the saltiness in the food.

Good white wines for Easter food are:

A glass of white wine during a picnic

Tips! Serve both a white and a red wine during Easter dinner. Start with a crisp, mouthwatering white wine and serve it with salmon, caviar or starters. Then serve a red wine with the ham or the lamb.

The best red wine for Easter food

Whether you are eating lamb, ham or something else for Easter, you probably want a good red wine together with your meal. Easter food is usually salty and fatty, and that is why it is important to choose a wine which is fruity and has high acidity. If you are having lamb, make sure to choose a herbaceous and/or spicy red wine to match the herbs and pepper in the dish.

Good red wines for Easter food are:

Två rödvinsglas och en flaska

Lamb with Tempranillo

A fruity, herbaceous and medium-bodied Tempranillo is a great pairing with roast lamb or lamb chops. Lamb is usually seasoned with garlic, pepper, rosemary and other herbs. That is why it pairs so well with this rich flavorful wine. Tempranillo has a good acidity, which balances the fatty lamb.

Lamb chops served on a plate with potatoes and sauce

If you prefer a more full-bodied wine, try Amarone from Italy. This fruity wine has high acidity and high alcohol, which match very well with lamb and other heavy meat dishes. A flavorful Cabernet Sauvignon or a rich Syrah with aromas of black berries and spices are also great pairings.

If you prefer a lighter red wine, choose one with berry aromas and high acidity, such as Pinot Noir or similar.

Fatty fish with Grüner Veltliner

Grüner Veltliner is an excellent wine to pair with salmon or other fatty fish dishes. Grüner Veltliner is the most common white grape variety in Austria, and is known for giving high-quality white wines with sharp acidity and typical aromas of white pepper and citrus. The peppery aromas and acidity of this wine pair well with the fat in the salmon.

Other white wines to pair with salmon and other fatty fishes are:

Salmon on a toast with smetana and herbs

Tips! Are you having pickled or flavorful fish dishes during Easter? Choose an aromatic white wine to balance the flavors. A Riesling or Pinot Gris are good wine pairings.

Eggs with Beaujolais

Many people eat eggs during Easter. Eggs can be tricky to pair with wine, but a popular pairing is light-bodied, fruity red wines such as GamayBeaujolais, a wine made of Gamay grapes, is a young and fruity that usually pairs well with eggs.

Crisp white wines like Chablis or Riesling are also good wine pairings with eggs.

Boiled eggs cut in half

Ham with Pinot Noir

Ham is a popular Easter dish. The fat and salt in the ham pairs best with a light-bodied, fruity red with high acidity. The wine's tannins should not be too strong. A Pinot Noir is usually a great wine pairing with ham, but if you prefer a white wine, try a Riesling.

Easter ham sliced

Chocolate with Port

Easter is one of the holidays when people eat a lot of sweets, especially chocolate. Chocolate eggs can of course taste even better if you pair them with the right wine. Avoid dry red wines, as the tannins will taste too bitter together with the sweet chocolate. Instead, choose a sweet wine, ideally a Port wine. Port is a fortified wine from Portugal and it pairs wonderfully with chocolate and other sweet desserts. It also pairs well with blue cheese.

Easter chocolate eggs with many colors

Tips! Always choose a wine that is at least as sweet as your food.

Easter cake with Madeira

The Easter feast is not complete without an Easter cake! Make sure to pair the sweet cake with a sweet wine. Madeira is a sweet dessert wine from Portugal and it is a great pairing with sweet biscuits and cakes. The wine has aromas of nuts, caramel and dried fruits, and will match very well desserts with similar flavors. A demi-sec sparkling wine is also a good choice.

Easter cake with decorations

Happy Easter!

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